Mark W. Taylor

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I work well in a team environment, which allows me to participate in creating, maintaining and developing an effective and technologically innovative environment. I also excel in working in an environment where I am given a set of tasks to perform on my own, not needing supervision to get the maximum benefit for the client.  I have been very successful in mentoring both Technical and non-Technical personnel, both new to, and experienced, in IT and PeopleSoft.  I excel in providing clear communication, identifiable value and superior quality at the highest standard of service and integrity, as well as easily understood and detailed functional and technical documentation. My technical and management/organizational skills are excellent and can be taught to others to transition knowledge effectively.


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PeopleSoft/CC&B Development. Designed and wrote process to monitor Integration Broker messages and email errors or long-running messages to user-specified role users. Designed and wrote process to view, download and clear trace files on UNIX servers to eliminate the need to grant UNIX access to developers. Set up Integration Broker messaging to synch HR and Financial employee data, using custom encryption methodology for dynamic security while maintaining delivered encryption for all base fields. Developed and maintained Treasury feeds for AR and Billing, including a bolt-on application to claim wires that have been uploaded from bank statements. Developed bar-coding methodology in XML, Crystal and HTML used for automatic indexing into Optix Imaging systems. Developed and wrote bolt-on application to extract specified vendors to be transmitted to third-party company to be scrubbed and returned with demographic data, which was then re-imported to the database. Created interfaces to and from various PS applications, including Journals, Vouchers, Travel & Expenses, My Wallet, Budgeting & Grants. Developed banking feeds for ACH, Positive Payment, custom checks and forms. Wrote various data load scripts for conversions and interfaces. Wrote scripts for commitment control budgeting import and exports. Developed PLSQL scripts emulating SQR reports to port from CIS to CC&B using Business Objects and BOE. Developed and executed scripts to convert financial data from Fiscal Year to Calendar Year structures. Developed reporting structures and strategies for Utility company. Developed Conversion scripts and Interface programs to be used to convert or interface data between Legacy systems and PS CIS. Supported 26 Government Higher Education databases utilizing Budget and Encumbrance management of full acquisition lifecycle. Developed scripts to adjust Pre Encumbrances and Encumbrances to correct amounts and chartfields for Year End closing of 30 Colleges and Universities. Developed customizations using Application Designer, COBOL, Application Engine, SQR, Crystal and Application Messaging requested by Purchasing, Distribution, Project Costing, AR/Billing, AP, GL, Project Costing, Inventory, and HR customers, to include system modifications and workflow. Customized Application Engine and COBOL code, as well as Mass Change to meet the specific needs of the customer. These include PO Build, Item Loader, AP Matching, Posting, Putaway, Replenishment, AutoShip, AutoPick, and Depletion. Developed interface programs and procedures to migrate data between systems, including AP and OM to AR/BI, Legacy to AP, AR/BI, and PC. Maintain version control with Quest Stat! Help Desk/Change Control software. Developed bolt-on Production Control Analysis system to enable full Supply Chain and Manufacturing integration of requesting, analyzing, and finalizing of data to control production costs, ensure assembly volume capacity, and maximize profits by calculating most effective delta between purchasing product and manufacturing in-house. Wrote interface programs to port data between dissimilar versions of Student Admin and Financials.

Wrote customizations for Student Admissions & Recruiting reporting based on school requirements. Wrote Student Admissions Web interface to allow students to apply for admission via any Web browser. Set up methodology where applicants can attach files via the Web Application. Wrote program to upload test scores to PeopleSoft. Wrote summarized reports for Dean?s office.

Configured and installed Multi-Lingual and Multi-Currency versions and modifications for International company. Worked with native speakers to translate custom panels, data, and reports. Modified delivered, and wrote new, SQR programs, to customize, provide new functionality, as well as address delivered shortcomings. These included reports, importing/exporting data, and table setups. In addition, heavily customized delivered interface programs for client complexities and requirements, including AR to BI, AP to BI, Legacy to BI, and Custom BI to delivered BI. They served a number of purposes from straightforward reporting to loading data to validation and updating of existing data, as well as archiving off data that was no longer necessary on the database to improve performance while keeping the archived data available for historic purposes. Also assisted others in designing, writing and troubleshooting of SQRs. Wrote, modified and troubleshoot JCL to run various batch jobs.

Performed analysis of prior modifications and PeopleSoft methodologies to determine how best to remove customizations and bring customer back to vanilla PeopleSoft, while maintaining required functionality and flexibility. Tuned various processes to perform faster, including PeopleCode, Application Engine, and COBOL. Evaluated the feasibility of developing a custom Application Engine program to replace Item Loader. Developed Import Manager profiles to import various sets of data into specific tables. These profiles were developed using PeopleCode attached to the import records specifically for the import that validated data and returned context-specific error messages. In addition, to overcome Import Manager limitations, wrote code that allowed Import Manager to execute inserts and other operations on tables other than the single table allowed by Import Manager. Developed procedures for loading base tables through the use of Data Transfer In/Out and Import Manager.

Configured Mass Changes to perform various tasks. Provided technical documentation and end-user demos. For details, click here.

PeopleSoft Installation, Administration, and Security. For details, click here.

Designed and implemented Lotus Notes database to track recurring problems, PS patch implementations, and development requests. Routinely reviewed patches on PS Customer Connection to identify potential need. For details, click here.

Worked closely with other administrative groups to ensure corporate standards and Y2k policy compliance. For details, click here.

Change Management. Set up Virtual Approver in the Business Process Designer and Workflow Administrator for workflow customizations, as well as connectivity with Lotus Notes for approval from non-PS users using PSNotes connectivity. Developed methodology of testing using SQA Robot, then trained developers in the use and procedures, to include naming nomenclature to ensure solid documentation. Worked as liaison to Purchasing, Inventory, and Accounting customers to define tasks, resources, prioritization, and scheduling for deliverables. This includes assisting customers in determining feasibility of requirements in light of the possibility of altering procedures to make more efficient use of the system, and more reliable customizations.   Defined documentation standards and requirements for both technical as well as functional audiences.  Ensured adherence to these standards through review and training.


Designed and implemented Lotus Notes database to track recurring problems, PS patch implementations, and development requests. This system tracked these items through all environments up to production and reduced time spent on implementation of these tasks. In addition, the database stored all development documentation in standardized format. Routinely reviewed patches on PS Customer Connection to identify potential need. Then, worked with all teams to determine need and scheduling/implementation of said patches. Managed and implemented upgrades, both Tools and Functional, using Data Mover, Application Upgrader, and upgrade documentation from the Customer Connection and installation CDs. Installed and configured the Application Server, Tuxedo and the Web Server.


Designed and developed Change Management system within PeopleSoft to track and maintain development object migration requests and approvals, to include a separate approval path for emergency migrations.  Ensured that CM system was efficient and simple to use so that it did not become a bottleneck, even in emergency situations.  Implemented multiple databases system whereby more then one version of any PeopleSoft object could be stored so that a true version management capability could be taken advantage of.

Management, Training & Service. For details, click here.

Security and Risk Analysis. For details, click here.