Mark W. Taylor 

 Client and Co-Worker Recommendations


"I was responsible for bringing Mark to Coastal and he is an excellent resource.  He worked extremely well with all of our users, including some of the most difficult ones.  He is VERY knowledgeable in AP/PO and he did work with all of the modules mentioned in his resume.  Don't worry about his functionality-especially in the areas of AP/PO.  Additionally, he made some major mods in the areas of Budgets and AR/Billing.  He is  fast and efficient.  At Coastal, we had trouble keeping him busy.  Also, he is a consultant who doesn't mind sharing his knowledge with others.  His documentation is some of the most complete that I have ever seen.  I can not recommend him enough and would welcome the chance to work with him again."
Evelyn Dale, Houston, Texas

"All of you have proved that, when given the opportunity, the I/S staff can do a better job than most consultants that do this for a living. Mark Taylor has proved to be the exception. I have appreciated his skills in both functional and technical areas of PeopleSoft. I believe that he has shared knowledge with each of us that will have a long term impact."
Chestine Read, Birmingham, Alabama

"In December of 1998, our Purchasing Project Leader found employment with a company closer to his home. In January, we began looking for someone with a very strong PeopleSoft Purchasing background. After reviewing numerous resumes and discounting them for various reasons, we received a resume from Mark Taylor. We knew from the beginning that Mark was exactly what we were looking for. He cleared up our purchasing backlog in just a few weeks. Next, we had him work on PS GL and then PS Receivables. Again everything was completed in record time. His change documentation is the most thorough that I have ever seen. His knowledge of the inner workings of PeopleSoft has led to efficient resolutions to any problems that we have encountered. Unlike many people in this profession, Mark has no problem sharing his knowledge with others, and, he has a wonderful ability to work with both our technical and non-technical team members. "
Evelyn Dale, Houston, Texas

"Mark W. Taylor is a talented developer with an excellent grasp of PeopleSoft. He has worked with the Purchasing module in depth, and has an in-depth knowledge of its table structure. He has done extensive customizations to PeopleSoft and is creative in designing the most efficient method of fulfilling user requests."
Lynn Eiseman, Virginia

"He was an asset to our development team. Mark was responsible for numerous customizations to our client's Purchasing and Projects PeopleSoft modules. He does the best documentation of any PeopleSoft developer with whom I've worked."
Catherine Mulhern, New York